Monday, July 7, 2008

Feed Me was time. I'd been trying to wait until Odessa was six months old to start her on solid food, but this weekend I decided to give in. I must admit, the main reason for starting now is that I'm hoping Odessa will start sleeping for longer stretches at nighttime. Plus, I was getting pretty excited about the big day! Odessa was showing all the signs that she was ready...grabbing food off our plate, immitating chewing motions, and when I am feeding Aidan his food, she has been known to throw a fit when I tell her "not yet Dessi". Giving your baby solid food for the first time is such an exciting moment. Both Jeremy and I had so much fun taking pictures, and Odessa ate way more of her rice than I thought she would. It made me realize that I should watch Odessa and not the calendar.

It was important to me to find organic baby cereal with only the most necessary ingrediants. After having no such luck at numerous grocery and department stores, I made the trek out to Planet Organic, because I knew I could find what I wanted there. I found a line of baby products by Healthy Times which carries a wide range of baby food. I didn't take a good look at the jarred baby food since I am planning on making my own, but the cereal contains no soy or dairy, no alpha-amylase, and is iron and vitamin fortified. Plus, the packaging is pretty cute. It was exactly what Odessa and I were looking for. 

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The MacKeigans said...

WOW, another milestone, contrats!!! How exciting, I can't believe how big she's getting! We have to go back for a walk at WEM when I get back! Love the pics!