Saturday, March 28, 2009

One of my favorites...

What Did I Do Today

Today I left some dishes dirty,
The bed got made around 3:30.
The diapers soaked a little longer, 
The odor grew a little stronger.
The crumbs I spilled the day before
Are staring at me from the floor
The fingerprints there on the wall
Will likely be there still next fall.
The dirty streaks on those windowpanes
Will still be there next time it rains.
Shame on you, you sit and say,
Just what did you do today?

I held a baby till she slept,
I held a toddler while he wept.
I played a game of hide and seek,
I squeezed a toy so it would squeak.
I pulled a wagon, sang a song,
Taught a child right from wrong.
What did I do this whole day through?
Not much that shows, I guess that's true.
Unless you think that what I've done,
Might be important to someone
With deep green eyes and soft brown hair
If that is true...I've done my share.

Author - Unknown
To my little girl, I love how big you've gotten, how long your hair has grown, how you insist on feeding yourself and how you want to hold your bottle. I love that you like to sit and read to yourself and I love your confidence, your self-assurance and your sense of adventure. But...please...stop growing up so fast. 

Gone So Long

Wow! 6 months. Where did you go?

It's time to jump back on the blogging wagon. Ever since I went back to work last October, I've wanted to spend my spare time with Odessa. It was tough going back to work. Part of me missed being out of the house, however, when I'm at work, I want to be home. I've been trying to figure out how to balance my life, and I think I'm starting to get it. More posts shortly....