Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy 35th *wink* Birthday Grandpa!

Last Friday was lovely. It was my Dad's birthday and since he had the day off, Odessa and I headed out to St.Albert after dropping Jeremy off at work to spend his special day with him. We pretty much spent the entire day relaxing outside, talking, laughing, and drinking (just juice for me).  Odessa seemed to enjoy her time rolling around on the grass. It is one of my favorite things to do, sitting out in the backyard under the trees with my family. I picked Jeremy up in the evening and we headed back to enjoy a great BBQ. Just to give you an idea of what kind of guy my Dad is...even though it was his birthday, he surprised me with a gift; a day at the spa with my Mom and Sister. In just a few short weeks I will be enjoying a much needed facial, massage, manicure and pedicure. What a thoughtful gift for my...er...his birthday. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First Road Trip

Last week, we were able to take Odessa on her first road trip to the mountains. We joined Russell and Megan, and their little Aidan in Fairmont for a couple of days. It rained a lot, but it was so nice to get away.

Lots to see.

First nature walk as well!

It really was beautiful...

First time swimming

Hanging out with Mortimer

At the rest stops, Odessa got to sit in the front seat!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Dad's Day

To all the Fathers, soon-to-be Fathers, and Grandfathers...Happy Father's Day.

I really couldn't ask for more. I have a husband who supports me and makes me feel like a good mother whenever I feel a little unsure of myself. Odessa has a father who loves her unconditionally and makes her very happy. Jeremy was there to hold my hand through my long labour, he cried with me when I felt I just couldn't go on, and he didn't let me give up on breast feeding when I was having so many difficulties. During those first scary and wonderful weeks of parenthood, Jeremy slept as little as I did, and worried about everything as much as I did. I never, ever felt alone. Now he seems to look forward to bath time as much as Odessa does and one of his first questions when he walks through the door is "Did she poop today?". Odessa and I are extremely lucky. We are loved.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

No More Excuses

I remember telling people while I was pregnant that I would be using disposable diapers only for the first few weeks of Odessa's life. I couldn't imagine adding dirty diapers to the already quickly growing piles of clothes that gathered in the laundry room. Getting sleep was my number one priority. Well, here we are, four months later and I have been getting good (not great) nights of sleep for well over two months now. And, I am still using disposable diapers. . . until today. Today the excuses stop. I found a wonderful company, gDiapers, that sells a cloth diaper which holds a snap-in, plastic-free pad. You can toss the insert in the trash, flush them, or even compost the wet ones. They are  incredibly absorbent, and will break down in 50 to 150 days. When I asked the woman at the store about them, she told me customers were giving her great feedback, however, there was one problem. They would leak if they weren't put on properly. I thought to myself, "disposable diapers will leak if not used properly as well". It is a poor excuse. There are lots of good tips on their online store to ensure a proper fit, as well as a toll free help line. You only need to wash the cotton outer pant when they become dirty, which is great news for people like me (only getting around to the laundry when absolutely needed). Not only is there no landfill necessary, they look super cute as well.

Meet Odessa's New Roommate

Odessa received a very lovely gift, actually a few very lovely gifts, from her Grandparents this weekend from the Princess And The Pea. A beautiful life size (well...not quite life size), plush giraffe now stands in her nursery next to her crib. I love that Odessa's room looks like her own little zoo. I'm hoping she grows up to love all kinds of animals, even the scary ones. It looks like she is quite fond of it already...