Friday, June 13, 2008

Dad's Day

To all the Fathers, soon-to-be Fathers, and Grandfathers...Happy Father's Day.

I really couldn't ask for more. I have a husband who supports me and makes me feel like a good mother whenever I feel a little unsure of myself. Odessa has a father who loves her unconditionally and makes her very happy. Jeremy was there to hold my hand through my long labour, he cried with me when I felt I just couldn't go on, and he didn't let me give up on breast feeding when I was having so many difficulties. During those first scary and wonderful weeks of parenthood, Jeremy slept as little as I did, and worried about everything as much as I did. I never, ever felt alone. Now he seems to look forward to bath time as much as Odessa does and one of his first questions when he walks through the door is "Did she poop today?". Odessa and I are extremely lucky. We are loved.

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Grandpa D said...

Happy Father's Day Jeremy! You are a wonderful father and husband. I'm very proud of you. Enjoy your first Father's Day.