Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Unexpected Changes

I know I was expecting huge changes when Odessa was born...a change in sleep patterns, a change in priorities, a change in my social life, a change in my relationship with my husband, a change in the way I love. I never expected such a dramatic change in how I view the planet and what is happening to it. The research I have done in the last few months has truly brought important issues to my attention. From the chemicals in plastic baby bottles to the unnecessary lotions loaded with parabens to the added salt and sugar in store bought baby food. These child related issues have made me take a closer look at organic eating for myself and Jeremy, start reading the labels of shampoo bottles, and have opened my eyes to how much water I actually waste in a day. Odessa has even made me feel incredibly guilty when I forget my cloth grocery bags at home. I hate to say it, but this change in me may have only occurred because I am now a parent. I care so much about what she is exposed to, that it has indirectly made me a healthier person. I must say, it is a lot harder to eat off a styrofoam plate with your little girl watching.

The world is slowly, actually quickly, crumbling and we decided to introduce a child into it. Why? Besides my incredible need to be a mother, I feel as though this is my chance to raise and teach my offspring to respect the Earth and to help heal it. Not only will the Earth benefit, but their little minds and bodies will be healthier and stronger as well. Children are like little sponges and whatever we do, they are likely to follow in our footsteps. What a wonderful way to change the outcome of this one world we have. 


Momma Pukster said...

good for you, momma green. i bet odessa is so proud of you for loving the planet earth.

Grandpa D said...

I am so proud of you!

You are a GREAT mom and dad :) The world is a tough place now, but you have brought to this world a wonderful daughter whom you will share your ideas with. She will grow up thinking "green", and she may be the one that solves the problem!

Your family is very special and I love all of you!!

Big hugs :)

Grandpa "D"